Thunderbird configuration

1. When Thunderbird is opened for the first time, you'll get asked to create a new account, or use an existing one. We will skip this and use an existing one
2. Here you need to fill out basic informations:
"Name" will be shown to recipients
3. Thunderbird will automatically find the server settings, in this case you're already done
4. In case it does not, you can choose "Manual config" to set it up manually
5. Fill out the settings like the next picture, and click on "Done" as soon as the test was successful
Incoming (IMAP):      Port: 993     SSL: SSL/TLS      Authentication: Normal Password
Outgoing (SMTP):     Port: 465     SSL: SSL/TLS      AuthenticationNormal Password
6. If these settings aren't working out for you, try these alternative settings
Incoming (IMAP):      Port: 143     SSL: None      Authentication: Normal Password
Outgoing (SMTP):     Port: 2525   SSL: None      AuthenticationNormal Password
7. In case you're getting such a Warning, just click on the following buttons