Windows Phone - IMAP configuration

1. Go to the Settings of your device and select "Accounts" to add a new Account. At this stage, select "Advances Setup".
2. Type in your Email Address and Password. Windows will try to find settings automatically. If this fails, you must click a few time on "Try Again".
3. After a few tries, the Button will change to "Advanced". With this you can manually setup the Account.
4. The next 4 images show the page on which all the Data needs to be entered:
- "Account Name" helps you to keep track of your Accounts on this Device
- "Your name" will be shown to receipients
- "Incoming Mail Server" depends on your email address, you can use our Tool to find out the right one
- "Account type" should always be IMAP
- "Email Address" and "Username" is the same. Here, the whole email address should be typed in
- "Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)" can again be found out with our Tool