iOS iPad/Iphone - IMAP configuration

1. To add a new email Account, go to the main Settings
2. Go to the Menu "Mail, Contacts,..." (1) and select "Add Account" (2)
3. On the next screen, select "Other"
4. Then select "Add Mail Account"
5. Here you need to fill out basic informations:
"Name" will be shown to recipients
"Description" is just to help you identify the account in case you are using multiple
6. Now you'll need to specify the incoming and outgoing mail server.
If you're not sure which server to use, try out our Tool
ALL fields have to be filled out on this page, even if it says "optional"!!!
7. When all the fields are filled out, tap "next"
8. That's it, "Save" the account and you're good to go!

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