02 - E-Mail Support

So, you’re using an external program (Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, ...) to send and receive your E-Mail. We of course cannot provide a “how-to-use” the whole set of features of this E-Mail client. But we’ve got a catalogue of instructions what parameters are to be set in order to get your application connected with our E-Mail server.

Please find these instructions for use here:

As it is the easiest way to get you access to your E-Mails, we permanently offer our Webmail service. There is nothing to configure and you’ll only need to authenticate with your E-Mail address and personal password in order to get full access to your mailbox from anywhere in the world.

For doing so, please enter the server name in your favourite Internet browser:

However, if you have to use an external E-Mail client and, for some reason, you do not manage receiving and/or sending E-Mails, then we’ll be there to keep an eye on your settings. For doing so, we ask you to install the Teamviewer(1) application, before calling our assistance team. A specialist of our support team will then take a few minutes to check whether all parameters have been set correctly. 

Backup is your business and your responsibility, so assure your data before asking for help !

Link for downloading Teamviewer (1)

Our technical Support Helpline: 424411-91

Be aware that additional costs (1)(2) may apply here!

We have to mention in advance that our mission to help can’t go beyond the tests and configuration necessary to properly connect. We cannot touch any further features settings of the software (i.e. calendar, backups, address books...), nor are we allowed to configure operating applications like firewalls, anti-virus software or network settings that may have an impact on the connections to the E-Mail Server.

Essential information:

(1) Teamviewer is software allowing us to connect to your device, to transmit your screen display to our support team and to get partly or full control of your connected equipment. 

By granting us access, you confirm to have understood the use and functionalities of Teamviewer, and allow us to get the work done under your liability and our best effort to respond to your help request. The features of Teamviewer are described on their official website: www.teamviewer.com

(2) Costs: Instructions for use and Webmail access are free services. Private retail customers have a regular 10 minutes free access to our helpdesk for @vo.lu, @vonet.lu and @vol.lu E-Mail configuration help. 

Beyond the calculated average free helpline time, the regular helpdesk fees apply. For any commercial customer and/or commercial product (here E-Mail) the regular helpdesk fees apply. Regular prices are shown on the official VO website: www.vo.lu