Issues on iPhone and iPad

In order to fix an issue with the VOtv app on your iPhone or iPad, please go through the following steps. Try the next solution, if the issue remains.

The latest VOtv version requires iOS 13 and higher. Older iOS versions are no longer supported and issues cannot be fixed.

1. Force quit the app. Close the app by swiping  up (double-click the Home button if applicable) and open it again.

2. Restart your device. Then open the VOtv app to check if it works as expected.

3. Check for updates. Make sure your device has the latest version of iOS and VOtv.

4. Delete and reinstall the VOtv app from the App Store.

5. In case of network problems:

Check your internet connection. Set Bitrate to low: Settings in your VOtv App > Default bitrate settings for mobile/WiFi > low

6. Deactivate VPN apps.